Every AlMaghrib Institute seminar has an online exam at the end. The exam is farḍ, or obligatory, and is critical to retaining the priceless knowledge learned in each seminar.

We offer trademark double and single-weekend degree-level seminars centred on a comprehensive academic curriculum, and taught by the leading and most engaging instructors in the West.

The only way you can get a degree from AlMaghrib Institute is if you take the exams. Even if you’re not aiming for the degree, at least by taking the exams you’ll have something under your belt for the future.

Exam dates are announced on the Sunday of each seminar. You will receive reminder emails to take the exam along with notes to aid your revision.

If you will be unable to take the exam on that day due to a legit reason (e.g. going for Hajj, getting married, overdosed on chai) or missed a scheduled exam due to an emergency, fill out the Exam Deferral Form on your AlMaghrib account and indicate the reason for your inability to take the exam, and a different date and time for the exam will be offered to you inshaAllah.

Exclusive Material

Lots of time and effort is put into compiling material alongside our instructors, catered just for our students

Convenient Timing

All our exams take place on weekends, so as to enable people to still continue with their day to day lives.

AlMaghrib Degree

If you consistently complete your exams to a good standard, you will be on your way to receive your very own AlMaghrib Degree