We started up in 2002 with a simple question – how could we teach you Islam in a way that was fun, social, quality, spiritual, and oh yeah, academic?

We asked around, and it turned out people wanted teachers who knew their stuff and who didn’t turn learning Islam into a snoozefest, they wanted super quality and they didn’t want endless weeks of lectures that would get in the way of their busy lives.

We listened. And AlMaghrib Institute was born.

Based upon an ethos of excellence and a refusal to accept excuses for poor quality, we offered single and double-weekend seminars, with the most engaging instructors around, using top professional multi-media materials. Since that time, your response has been insane! You’ve asked us to establish chapters (also known as Qabeelahs) in over 40 cities worldwide, from North America, to Europe, to Asia, to the Middle East and to Australia too! Amazingly, we’ve now taught the Islamic Sciences to over 80,000 unique students and growing every day.

With the blessings of Allah, Most High, AlMaghrib is now the leading Institute teaching premier Islamic education in the West with the largest on-site student body. Year by year, we’ve set the standard and launched exciting new projects, inspired so many more to do great work in their communities, and raised the bar on how knowledge is not only sought…but is also loved!

Ultimately, the purpose of AlMaghrib Institute is to make learning Islam in a quality fashion as easy as possible. We thereby aim to equip our students with deep knowledge and practical application, and through this education, hope to raise leaders from among them who will serve their communities and humanity at large.

AlMaghrib runs on the backs of a highly committed team of staff, instructors, and hundreds of dedicated volunteers worldwide. This powerful well-oiled engine runs around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our instructors commit many months custom-designing a seminar, researching and compiling content from classical texts, which are hard to come by. Keeping our audiences in mind, instructors tailor the material found in classical texts to suit the needs and requirements of our student body. At times, this requires supplementing classical material with modern sources and adding content not found in older works.

The material is then handed over to a professional student-material design team that helps in producing audiovisual and printed content for the class. The final product is a high-quality unique seminar simultaneously relevant to the average Muslim and enlightening to the avid student of knowledge.

AlMaghrib seminars are intensive in nature; the goal in mind is to teach students within a single/double weekend more than what they have learned in the past five years of personal learning in that specific topic.

Exclusive Material

Lots of time and effort is put into compiling material alongside our instructors, catered just for our students

Convenient Timing

Most of our seminars take place on weekends, so as to enable people to still continue with their normal lives.

World Renowned Instructors

We are joined by some of the world's best instructors

Our Instructors

Come and join our seminars with our world renowned instructors.

Team Members

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